Pirates: Tides of Fortune New Building Levels

Unlock Special Bonuses With Upgrade Etchings! Ahoy, Captains! Me maties have brought back some handy engineerin’ tricks from ‘cross the ocean! Now ye can upgrade many of the Buildings in yer Haven to Read More

Pirates Halloween

New Haven Skin Available At The Smuggler’s Den! Ahoy, Captains! With the Seas turnin’ rough, the weather gettin’ colder and great big orange vegetable-type things bein’ discovered every which way we turn, it Read More

Brotherhood Bastion

Find Rival Bastions Faster! Ahoy there landlubbers! Yer Pirate mateys, and yers truly, be truly thrilled with the progress Brotherhoods have made buildin’ and upgradin’ their Brotherhood Bastions so far. T’ honor yer Read More

Unified Presidios

Hold Neighbourin’ Presidios – Rule The Seven Seas! Ahoy there Captains! There be a new way t’ expand yer sphere o’ Influence upon the Seven Seas – Unified Presidios! Upgrade neighbourin’ Presidios t’ Read More

Pirates Prizes

Attack or defend even more Prizes per day! Captains, we edited the text of our previous post since it turned out to be confusing. Let me explain the situation. You will receive up Read More

Decoy Army and Experience Booster:

Ahoy, Captains! I’m pleased to be announcin’ that some handy new Items be available on the Seven Seas! Here they be: – Decoy Army: With this Item, yer enemy’s Scoutin’ Reports will show Read More